New show added : Trabendo on July 11th !


Catherine Ringer has the lead role in CONCHA BONITA, a musical by Alfredo Arias, René de Ceccatty and Nicola Piovani, starting December 5th, 2002 in Paris at Théâtre National de Chaillot. You can now reserve your tickets...


"La Femme Trombone des Rita Mitsouko"
release date : september 2002


Shows on July 3rd & 4th at Espace Cardin in Paris. Show on July 19th at Vieilles Charrues festival.


Shows at Trabendo on June 28th & 29th !


Some summer shows... first confirmed is Solidays in Paris on July 6th.


Catherine Ringer is featured on "Uni-vers-elles", the new Djura album, Kabylian artist. We can hear Catherine singing on "Tawes".


The second part of the discography (1988 > 2001) is published in JUKEBOX magazine.


Théâtre de Caen on January 25th !!!


January 27th, 2002 !

The first show was sold out so quickly that another show at Champs-Elysées Theater has been added !



On december 16th at Nouveau Casino (Paris 11)

Featuring Arthur H, Miossec, Jad Wio, H'Amarco, Jil Caplan also with DJ Ariel Wizman and video projections by Jérome Lefdup.


December 13h at noon on NOVA Radio


The BESTOV is out on november 6th in France and on november 27th in Canada.

It will also be released in the following countries : Switzerland, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Hong Kong, Finland, Turkia, Ukraine, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Israel.

It will be available as an import in U.S.A.

It's the first Rita Mitsouko compilation.

All tracks are original versions and have been remastered. The fans will enjoy to find on CD the rare song "Clown De Mes Malheurs"(RealAudio).

A limited edition is available in France, Benelux and Switzerland with all videos on DVD. You can order it at Fnac or Alapage.

Some promo items have surfaced, as T-shirts and three great vinyls sent to clubs :
Marcia Baïla / Hip Kit (William Orbit remix)
C'est Comme Ca / Y'a d'la Haine
Andy / Les Histoires d'A
There's also a 7 tracks sampler and a Bestov CD promo in a cardbox sleeve.


Jean Néplin live at New Morning on november 1st as opening act for the Fleshtones.


Release of the "Reines d'un Jour" O.S.T., with the Catherine Ringer rendition of the Georges Brassens classic track "Le Vent".


Le Paradis Bleu des Coeurs couronnés...

Jean Néplin's album is out now ! Catherine et Fred, who produced this record, also contributed at the composition of most of the tracks. we can hear Catherine on guitar, keyboards, drums, bag pipes, flute and backing vocals. Fred not only producted the album, he also contributed on guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.


Rebroadcasting of the excellent Paris Premiere live performance !

September 13th at 0:50 A.M.
September 15th at 2:55 A.M.


NOT TO BE MISSED : September 8th, 2001 on Paris Premiere channel, at 11:35 P.M., broadcast of the Grenoble show, filmed on 9 december 9th, 2000 by Carlo Nataloni (76 min).


Tickets for the january 20th, 2002 show at the Champs-Elysées Theater in Paris are on sale now !


Fans should be pleased to know that Fred has recovered ! They even could judge by themselves in january 2002, when Les Rita Mitsouko will return on stage ! More details in the coming days...



Fred Chichin being ill at the moment, the Rita Mitsouko summer tour is cancelled. We are all wishing Fred to be alive and kicking pretty soon !


New shows :
Blaye les Mines on 07/22
Salon de Provence on 07/24
Les Houches on 07/26


SACEM Spring Awards.
Roger Seiller french group award : Les Rita


The summer shows...
Go to the On Stage section !


Catherine & Fred are busy writing new songs...


Rebroadcast of the Serge Gainsbourg tribute on TV5 at 10:15 P.M. on March 16th (France) and at 9:00 P.M. on March 17th (Montréal) ; for other territories, check TV5 website.


POP SESSIONS, a Serge Gainsbourg tribute album, will be released on march 6th. "L'Hippopodame" (RealAudio) is revamped by les Rita. A promo CD was sent to the media. Les Rita will play this song on march 10th at 8:50 P.M. in France 2 TV channel program "La Nuit Gainsbourg".


Who is the french female artist of the year ?
You can vote here !


"Les seizièmes Victoires de la Musique" :

Broadcasting on France 2 direct live on FRANCE 2 channel february 17th from 8:55 P.M.
For overseas who can access TV5 channel, check their website for broadcasting schedules.

For those who can't, her's your chance is to HEAR the ceremony direct live on EUROPE 2 radio or on the Victoires website.
(L.A. > 11:55 A.M. & N.Y.C. > 2:55 P.M.)

"La Sorcière et l'Inquisiteur" will be played.

You can see "La Sorcière et l'Inquisiteur" performed live in Marseille on 10/12/2000.
Cable/ ADSL or 56k modem (RealVideo)
Go direct to 1 hour 8 minutes 45 seconds.


The 16th "Victoires de la Musique"
(french Grammy Awards) will be broadcasted direct live february 17th, 2001 on France 2 channel.

Catherine & Fred are nominated in two categories :

> Group or female artist of the year <
> Pop album of the year <


M6 MUSIC broadcast again an interview recorded last year :

- January 14th at 11:40 A.M.
- January 17th at 01:40 A.M.
- January 18th at 10:10 A.M.


For those who missed it, La Dame Pipi is broadcasted again on CANAL + JAUNE,
january 20th at 10:27 P.M.


January 11th at 4:00 P.M. on CANAL + TV : Broadcasting of the short movie La Dame Pipi, where we can see Catherine Ringer.


Les Rita will perform "Femme de Moyen Age" direct live at Nulle Part Ailleurs show on 01//05/2001 (Canal + channel)


Catherine & Fred are recording today their version of a Serge Gainsbourg classic, "L'Hippopodame", for a march 2001 special tribute TV show.


The Folies Bergère december 11th show is sold out... Don't despair, here are 10 free tickets !
Warning : This contest is only for french residents.


... you lend your Rita Mitsouko CD to curious ears ? Impossible to get it back ?

Santa Claus has got something for you ;-)
... here are four "Cool Frénésie" limited editions !

- "+ d'images": a CDrom (PC/Mac) with 2 clips
- "+ 2 tracks" : "L'oiseau Chante" & "Eleganto"
- "long box" : with the "No Comprendo" CD
- "DeLuxe" (recto/verso) : with "No Comprendo"

You can order those limited editions on the FNAC website or on Alapage.


November 30th at 10:44 A.M. on CANAL + TV : Broadcasting of a short length movie La Dame Pipi, where we can see ...Catherine Ringer !


50' interview recorded on november 20th in Bordeaux and broadcasted on M6 TV in the local flash info. CAUTION : This link will be unavailable tonight ! Watch now this RealAudio interview and don't miss Catherine's new hat from 4'40 to 5'30 !


The Toulouse concert is rescheduled on november 28th. The Digne Les Bains concert is postponned.


The Wit FM interview :
November 22th from 5:00 P.M. till 5:30 P.M.
November 27th from 11:00 P.M. till 12:00 P.M.
This radio can't be listened on the web.


The "8 Clips & 2 films" VHS is now deleted.
There might be some left at Alapage...


A new show :


A limited edition special box includes 2 albums : "Cool Frénésie" et "The No Comprendo".


Catherine Ringer recorded a piece of music with musician Eric Neveux at Philippe Calvario's request, who is directing a Shakespeare comedy, Cymbeline. We can hear Catherine in the prologue's song of this play, performed at Théâtre des Amandiers in Nanterre (paris Suburb) from November 14th until december 10th.


The awesome "Fiesta des Suds" concert is now also available at this new adress.


Direct live interview today from 12:00 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. (New-York) or 5:00 P.M. until 6:00 P.M. (London) on Alouette Radio (Windows Media).


Shows :
Arvieu confirmed, Florange cancelled.


4 new shows :
Fribourg, Strasbourg, Florange et Nancy.


The awesome october 12th show at 'Fiesta des Suds' in Marseille is online ! The whole show !

some great news very soon for the London fans... ;-)


11'50" interview recorded in Bruxelles on 9/24 Choice : modem connection / high speed connection
Plug-in needed : Windows media + Internet Explorer


RealAudio footage of yesterday's show in Marseille, broadcasted on France 3 TV ; go from 4'25 to 5'50


One can see the "Alors C'est Quoi" video on the following TV channels : M6, M6 Music and MCM.

Video made by Olivier Babinet and Didier Richarth


1'05" interview (RealAudio) taped
on july 24th,2000 in Paleo (Switzerland).


Tonight on M6 channel at 10:50 P.M. (Paris) broadcasting of the Karim Dridi movie PIGALLE.
2 songs by Les Rita (Y'a d'la Haine & Modern Baleine) can be heard. The O.S.T. was released as a CD back in 1994. In this movie we can see Blanca Li, who danced for the Rita shows in 1997 at Cité de la Musique and at Cigale ; she also created the dancing parts for the "Cool Frénésie" clip.


Online performance today !
Start at 10:00 P.M. (London) or 5:00 P.M. (NYC)
Plug-in needed : RealPlayer 8
Click here to listen to the show !


News shows :

Change :
11/19 TOURS / STADIUM (not 11/18)


The ALORS C'EST QUOI video is now on MCM playlist. If you can access MCM, see the video today (friday 29th) between 10:30 and 10:40 A.M. (London) or between 5:30 and 5:40 A.M. (NYC).


Until october 3rd, win 2 tickets for a Rita show !
You can choose among : Le Cannet, Rennes, Caen, Nantes, Angers, Saint-Etienne, Dijon, Tours, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier or Lille.


The Grenoble show previously scheduled 10/5 is now pushed back to 12/9.
The Cannet show (10/11) is cancelled.


If you are in Rennes on october 17th, here's your chance to win tickets for the show at "Liberté".
Go here and put your email adress in the right blank (Pas abonné ?). Then answer 2 questions, and you might be among the 15 lucky winners !


The Europe 2 concert recorded tomorrow at Trabendo will be aired on October 1st at 10:00 P.M. (London) or 5:00 P.M. (New-York), but not on direct live as it was previously stated.
click here for a high quality airing.


On september 23th, les Rita will play "Alors C'est Quoi", "Fatigué D'être Fatigué", "Femme de Moyen Age", "Toi & Moi & Elle"and "C'est Comme Ca" on RTL radio (RealAudio) from 5:15 P.M. until 6:30 P.M. (London), or from 12:15 A.M. until 1:30 P.M. (New-York) in the "Studio 22" show.


Win an invitation to the Europe 2 (french radio) private concert at Trabendo on september 27th !
Just click here. Good luck !

To listen to the show live ( high quality RealAudio),
click there
at 8:30 P.M. (Paris time), 7:30 P.M. (London time) or 2:30 P.M. (New-York time) on september 27th


On 9/16 : Broadcasting of "le Pont des Artistes" radio show on France Inter, from 8:07 P.M. until 9:30 P.M. (Paris time) or from 2:07 P.M. until 3:30 P.M. (New York time). Les Rita will play "Alors C'est Quoi", "Fatigué D'être Fatigué", "Femme de Moyen Age", "Toi & Moi & Elle", "Le Petit Train". Other artists invited : Henri DIKONGUE SILMARILS, Les JARDINIERS.
To listen live, click here.


If you are in Paris tonight and want to be part of the "Pont des Artistes"audience, a France Inter radio show, the meeting place is at 6:30 P.M. at "Maison de la Radio", studio 105 (Charles Trenet) - B entrance. The session (5 titres en acoustique) will end around 8:30 P.M.


A TV interview and some footage from this year's Paleo Festival, with Marc Kerr on drums for the first time with Les Rita, it was on TF1 channel on 8/02. just click here (RealAudio)


New shows has been added :

10/26 Les Herbiers
11/15 Monceau
11/24 Carcassonne
... and on 12/4 and 12/11 at Folies Bergère (Paris)

For the full schedule, go here.


A new show at Mad (Lausanne, Switzerland) on 10/6.


The europeans and canadians july shows were fab.

Don't miss the opportunity to see Les Rita live !

New shows has been added, some others changed...


Alors C'est Quoi ?


The first venues of the Rita Tour are fixed !
To buy your tickets online : fnac


A new concert is planned : July 30th in Montréal.


A promo 12" (DE 8467) was sent to clubs today :
A side : Allo! (version club) 5'10
B side : Allo! (version album) 4'49


"100% Johnny - Live à la tour Eiffel" is released today on CD and cassette. "Ma Gueule", with les Rita, is for sure included. The VHS will get a july 18th release, whereas the DVD will be out on september 15th.


Rita Mitsouko will perform "Alors C'est Quoi" in the HIT MACHINE show (M6 channel) on july 1st at 10:20 A.M. (french time).


5 pages interview in the quarterly CHORUS
(N°32 - été 2000)


1st "Grand Prix International du Clip" results :
Best edit : Olivier Gajan fot "Cool Frénésie"


Les Rita Mitsouko will play "Andy", "Fatigué d'être Fatigué" and "La Sorcière et l'Inquisiteur" today in the ROCK'N'ROLL CIRCUS show on ARTE channel at 8:45 PM (french time).
Also broadcasted on CanalSatellite and TPS on 6.25.2000 at 3:15 PM (french time).
Not to be missed !


The "Cool Frénésie" japanese CD will includes "L'oiseau Chante" and "Eleganto" as bonus titles.


The winners of "L'oiseau Chante" / "Eleganto" CD are :

Frédéric Dancla (France)
Jean-Michel Toulon (France)
Geoffroy Carteron (France)
Christine Jacq (France)
Mónica Etxeandia (Spain)
Francesco Gulletta (Italy)
Nelun Ånestad (Norway)
Florian Grandena (U.K.)
Garrie Severn (U.K.)
Bob Smith (U.S.A.)

The answer was : Howie B.

For those who didn't win, this special CDsingle is available with the limited edition of "Cool Frénésie". You can purchase it on the Fnac and Alapage sites.


A limited edition of "Cool Frénésie" is out today. It includes a CD bonus with the previously unreleased tracks "L'oiseau Chante" and "Eleganto".
Win 10 CD bonus ! Just give the right answer : Which british musician participated to the recording session of "L'oiseau Chante" ?
Send here your answer with your name and adresse.
The answer can be found in the bulletin archives.
Good luck !


Les Rita Mitsouko will perform
"Alors C'est Quoi" direct live on Canal +
channel show "Nulle Part Ailleurs" on june 16th.


You can hear & see "Ma Gueule" online !
(you need RealAudio)
Click here to see Catherine waving for 3 seconds - in RealAudio - (at 1 min 15 s from start of footage).


Tonight, the Johnny Hallyday show will also be broadcasted live on RTL (en RealAudio). On june 30th, the show will be available as a double album and a DVD.


Les Rita Mitsouko will perform with Johnny Hallyday on June 10th under the Eiffel Tower,
with a million plus audience. Catherine will sing with Johnny "Ma Gueule", and Fred will play guitare. Entrance is free. The concert will be broadcasted (direct live) on TF1 channel from 9:00 PM until midnight (french time)


On the Eurockéennes website you can buy your tickets for the Belfort show, july 8th.


On the Francofolies website you can buy your tickets for the Montréal show, july 29th.


Les Rita at "Tapis Rouge" TV show (France 2) on may, saturday 27th. "Alors C'est Quoi" will be performed as well as "Marcia Baïla" with french singer Patricia Kaas.


A promo CD Alors C'est Quoi / Allo ! (RealAudio)
was served to radio today. Check the rarity section.


Les Rita tonight in "Culture !" on TF1 at 0:25 AM.


The "Cool Frénésie" clip can be seen on the web !


Release of the Jean-William Thoury book
"Les Rita Mitsouko, c'est (toujours) comme ça". Published by La Mascara, it includes 64 pages
in A4 size and many color photos.


Tonight at 6:20 PM (french time) in "Exclusif" on TF1 channel, broadcast of an interview made yesterday at "la Cigale"


New summer show : Belgium, july 21st
(Francofolies de Spa)


40 minutes interview with Philippe Manoeuvre in the "Fin de siècle" radio show on France Musiques today at 6:00 PM (french time).


Interview tomorrow on Paris Première channel in the "Paris dernière" show at 10:30 PM (french time).
Rebroadcasting late at night on sunday, monday and tuesday, and at 10:30 PM on wednesday.


Interview + footage on France 3 channel
(île de France) early next week at 6:50 PM


April 21st : M6 channel at 8:50 PM (french time) : 'Graines de Star' show
Les Rita play "Cool Frénésie" + interview


April 21st : OUI FM radio => Acoustic session
7:20 PM > 7:40 PM : interview + 1 live song
8:30 PM > 9:00 PM : 4 or 5 songs direct live
All timing are french time.
To listen you need Quicktime 4.1


April 17th : FRANCE INTER radio
7:45 PM > 9:00 PM (french time) : "A toute allure"
=> One hour talk show direct live.


Recto and verso of the "Cool Frénésie" CD single out in France on april 18th.
The video, shot by Sébastien Caudron, will be "Clip des clips" on M6 channel from april 19th.


"Cool Frenesie" is out today in Canada !


Tonight's Black Session at Trabendo is online (RealAudio) ! The first 3 songs are missing : Femme de Moyen-Age, Le Petit Train et Modern Baleine. This show was fabulous !!!
You can judge by yourself...

... but watch out !
This show will be online for 4 or 5 days only !!!


The Cigale shows are now sold out ! ... but 3 more shows has been added : April 30th, may 2nd and 3rd.


Les Rita are performing"Cool Frénésie" and "Andy" today in the Hit Machine show on M6 between 10:45 AM and 12:00 AM (french time).


"Cool Frenesie" is # 3 on the RTL chart !
(RTL is the # 1 radio in France)

A new performance on may 20th, 2000 :
Festival International de Chaumont (France)


6 exclusive photos on Europe 2 radio website.
Always available, the full interview.


Exclusive interview in the belgium daily Le Soir.


If you wanna come to Trabendo on april 10th to see les Rita performing direct live for the BLACK SESSION radio show (FRANCE INTER radio), go here and send a mail to Michelle Soulier.

If you can't be there you can still listen to the BLACK SESSION on the internet (RealAudio) from 3:00 PM until 4:30 PM (New-York time)

Canadian shows this summer ! To know all about summer shows, go to on stage section.


Tickets for La Cigale april shows are now available online at Lastminute.


Europe 2 radio : Rita Mitsouko day on april 5th.
- 600 albums to win between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM
- Interview from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Paris time)


100 % Rita Mitsouko tonight on M6 Music from 7:00 PM until 7:30 PM (french time).


On april 3rd between 1:00 AM and 2:00 PM (french time) on France Inter radio, meeting with fans and broadcasting of the wonderful "Rendez-Vous", a song only released in Japan.


"Cool Frénésie" # 4 in the french album charts


For those who missed the TF1 footage on march 4th and 5th, you can see it here on RealAudio.


4 min footage tonight on M6 weekly magazine "Plus Vite Que La Musique". You can already see it on RealAudio at M6 website or directly here.

Article and review of the album on Télérama.


An exclusive interview in RealAudio on Alapage.


A 10 min footage (RealAudio) recorded at Nova Radio on march 9th. We can hear (and see) Catherine singing "Hey Joe".


New shows added on the french tour.
See the on stage section.


"Cool Frénésie" # 6 in the french album charts


Next TV appearances on France 2 channel :
"Tout le monde en parle" march 18th at 11:15 PM
"Vivement Dimanche" march 19th at 1:35 PM
(Paris time)


Catherine & Fred on the cover of the monthly
Rock & Folk


"Cool Frénésie" entered the french album charts at # 3 ! It is the higher position Rita Mitsouko has ever achieved in that chart !

Interview on M6 Music at 11:10 AM and 8:50 PM (New-York time)

You can now see the "FLASH" (M6 Music) in RealAudio (2'47") !!!


Interview on RTL radio at 8:20 AM and 10:30 PM.

Interview on PARIS PREMIERE channel in "Rive Droite, Rive Gauche" at 7:30 PM.
Rebroadcast at 11:55 PM and on 3/14 à 7:00 AM and at 12:00 AM.


Re-broadcasting of "FLASH" on M6 Music channel at 12:30 AM, 5:00 PM and 11:00 PM.


Rita Mitsouko in "FLASH" on M6 Music at 5:00 PM (french time).

On 3/7 at Clermont-Ferrand, on the opening of the "Coopérative de Mai", located on Serge Gainsbourg street, the Rita made a rendition of "Nicotine", a Gainsbourg song first recorded by Jane Birkin. This song, performed before "C'est Comme Ca" was not broadcasted.

A 2 pages article in the weekly l'EXPRESS.

On 3/10, Catherine Ringer appeared in a special tribute to Josiane Balasko in the "Vendredi c'est Julie" show on France 2 channel.

On 3/12 sur TF1, broadcasting of "Le Cousin" a Alain Corneau film, where "C'est Comme Ca" can be heard. On 3/21, still on TF1, broadcasting of a Josiane Balasko film "Un Grand Cri d'Amour", where Catherine Ringer covers the Dario Moreno classic "Eso Es El Amor".


The Rita Mitsouko live tonight at Nulle Part Ailleurs show on Canal + at 6:20 PM (french time) !
Not to be missed ! You can also see the Rita Mitsouko rehearsing "Cool Frénésie" and "La Sorcière et l'Inquisiteur" with the Nulle Part Ailleurs (Nowhere else) webcam.

You are not located in France and you can't watch Canal + channel ? Here's the opportunity to hear and see the live broadcasting of the show in RealAudio from 6:20 PM (french time) on the internet !!!


Rita Mitsouko day on Nova Radio today, with Catherine and Fred on the mic from 11:00 AM until 13:00 AM (New-York time).
To listen to Nova Radio with RealAudio, click here To listen to Nova Radio with QuickTime, click there To access Nova Radio website, go there ! and to see (with RealAudio) Catherine et Fred choosing discs from their own record collection, click ...here !


Clermont-Ferrand, march 7th : Click here to see the full concert in RealAudio (1 h 42 min). To choose the tracks you want to see, click on "voir le concert en RealPlayer titre par titre".

Interview by Thomas Joubert from Europe 2 radio.
Click here to listen to the full interview (15 min) in RealAudio !


COOL FRENESIE is released !!!

Article and review on Le Parisien (in french)


Radio interviews (Paris time):

in RealAudio
march 7th :
Anthony Martin chronicle at 7:00 AM
"transparences" show (Thierry Demaizières )
à 8:20 AM and 10:30 PM

in RealAudio
march 7th :
interview between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM
3:00 PM : interview and acoustic set direct live from the COOPERATIVE DE MAI at Clermont-Ferrand. Not to be missed !

in RealAudio
march 7th from 11:00 AM until 12:00 AM
one full hour of interview : Not to be missed !

in RealAudio
2'30 footage
march 7th at 9:20 PM
march 8th at 4:50 PM
march 9th at 1:20 PM
march 11th at 9:50 PM

8:05 AM : 3' interview
12:00 AM : 2' interview
7:30 PM : 2 x 3' interviews


A review of the album on RFI's website;
you can read it in english, but also in french


Press :
A review of the album in today's Le Monde.
A double page in weekly Evénement du Jeudi (n°16)
Half a page in monthly Tétu.
A photo in the daily Parisien from march 1st.
All those press articles are in french.

TV :
Broadcast of some footage (including recent live filming) on march 5th at 8:00 P.M.(french time) on TF1 channel


New dates have been added to the french tour ;
see the on stage section


Everyday, discover 3 songs from the new album. See the legendary 8 videos. Download screensavers. Now you know, it's open, click and see the brand new official web site !


First TV spot on TF1, march 1st at 10:29 P.M. (local time) : announcement of the new album and the webcasting of the Clermont-Ferrand concert.


Tomorrow, an interview in the weekly Les Inrockuptibles, with a free CD sampler including "Toi & Moi & Elle". Not to be missed !


A booklet with an exclusive interview in which Fred and Catherine are commenting on their history through albums and singles sleeves will be given away to the first buyers of "Cool Frénésie".


The first TV of the year !
Les Rita will perform tonight "Cool Frénésie" at 8:50 P.M. (french time) in the"Ophélie Winter Show" on TF1 channel. Catherine will duet with Ophélie Winter on "Les Histoires d'A".


Three pages + photos in the weekly Nouvel Obs
out today (N°1842).


TWO covers of the Inrockuptibles magazine !!!
With a CD sampler featuring "Toi & Moi & Elle"!
For more details, click here.
See also the ad on this week's Inrockuptibles.


4 gigs in Paris at La Cigale !
on april 25th, 26th, 28th and 29th.
tickets are on sale (155 FF) since this morning.


Go to the rarities section to see the
international CD promo of the album
"Cool Frénésie"


Here is the CD promo of the album
"Cool Frénésie"


Here is the CD single promo of
"Cool Frénésie"


The answer was ...Etienne de Crécy.
Here are the lucky winners :

Emmy Arts (Holland)
Per A J Andersson (Sweden)
Jörgen Österberg (Sweden)
Simon Dupuis (Canada)
David Simard (Canada)
Frédéric Pouliot (Canada)
Sébastien Schram (France)
Paul Blower (U.K.)
Steven Cox (U.S.A.)
Hardy Garrison (U.S.A.)


Here's your chance to win a promo CD single of
"Cool Frénésie" !

Here's the trivia :
Les Rita Mitsouko first performed "Cool Frénésie" on stage last year. A "french touch" musician joined them on keyboards. Who is it ?
You can find the answer here. The first 10 good answers will win !!! Just mail me with the right answer and your adress. Good luck !


Surprise, surprise...


There's an article about the Rita Mitsouko in the daily Le Monde. (2.08.2000) .Take a look at this superb brand new photo by Youri Lenquette.


Tickets for the march 4th performance at Trabendo in Paris could be purchase from february 2nd at usual places in France as FNAC stores or Virgin Megastores, and on Lastminute. But don't wait the last minute to get your tickets, as it will be very quickly sold out...


Here's the line-up of the musicians :

Noël Assolo : bass
Iso : guitar
Franck Mantegary : drums
Fred Montabord : keyboards
Félix : keyboards


The first french concerts dates can be seen on the
on stage section


Hear "Cool Frénésie" on the web on january 25th !
Click here to hear RTL radio on RealAudio
"Cool Frénésie" will be broadcasted between :
- 7 P.M. and 8 P.M. (GMT, London time)
- 2 P.M. and 3 P.M. (New-York time)
- 11 A.M. and 12 A.M. (Los Angeles time)


Here's the first opportunity to see the 
 Rita Mitsouko  performing their brand new single "Cool Frénésie" on the "Graines de Stars" TV show. If you are in Paris, and available on
january 27th, just mail here
first 20 mails will be the lucky winners...


"Femme de Moyen Age" is the generic song of CARNIVALE, a Deane Taylor cartoon.
Click on the link to access the website.


Here are the album's reference numbers : 
Double LP 8487561 
CD 8487562 
Cassette 8487564 
(all references on Delabel/Virgin France)


"Cool Frénésie" is the name of the brand new album out on march 7th ; the first single is the title track.

tracklisting :

Cool Frénésie
Femme de Moyen Age
Toi & Moi & Elle
La Sorcière & L'Inquisiteur
Dis-Moi des Mots (with Jean Néplin)
Grip Shit Rider In Paris
C'Etait Un Homme 
Les Guerriers
Fatigué D'être Fatigué
Pense A Ta Carrière
Un Zéro
Alors C'est Quoi




SOIGNE TA DROITE (Keep Up Your Right) on DVD !
Where ? here or there ...
Caution : NTSC, region 1


An unreleased mix of Allo ! (RealAudio)


The Biography section has been updated.


A color photo shot by Gaëlle Ghesquière at théâtre des Champs-Elysées on january 20th, 2002.


"Revolution" lyrics have been added in the "Collaborations" section .


Interview for Canal + channel and a sample of the January 29th concert : Go near the end to see it.


Paris Première interview Les Rita during rehearsals with Lamoureux orchestra : 4 min RealAudio.


January 20th concert review + photo in the daily newspaper Le Parisien : online article.


A lot of request for this track : Marcia Baïla remixed by Dominique Blanc-Francard, unreleased on CD format (here in RealAudio).


4 color photos from 1985.


Flashes Rouges... at last the cult poster of this musical where Catherine and Fred met ! Also online, an article published in Narvalo in may 1979. Thanks to Marie-Jo.


A cult Jean Néplin videoclip (WindowsMedia) : "Resurrected Humans" filmed by Jérome de Missolz 20 years ago, where we can see the trio Catherine / Fred / Jean...


On Paris Première's website, a 2 min RealAudio sample of the Grenoble show, and 3 min RealAudio sample of the "Rive Droite, Rive Gauche" interview first broadcasted on march 13th, 2000.


Exclusive : Victor, taken from Jean Néplin's album, produced by Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin, to be released this fall..


A french 1987 press article with 3 b&w photos.


A "Mandolino City" playback (TF1 - 1988). RealVideo or Quicktime


A mega rare item : The Australian "C'est Comme Ca" promo 7" (See the A-side & B-side)


"Marcia Baïla" on a TF1 prime time back in 1988... RealVideo or Quicktime


It was 19 years ago : The first Rita Mitsouko record... Here's the "Minuit Dansant" test pressing.


3 new color photos from 1987.


2 new b&w photos from 1987.


3 new color photos in the french press.


5 b&w photos from the 1987 area have been added.


A new RealAudio file : L'Oiseau Chante
This track recorded with Howie B was available back in June 2000 in a special 15 000 limited edition of 'Cool Frénésie', deleted by now.


A new RealAudio file : Eleganto
This track was available back in June 2000 in a special 15 000 limited edition of 'Cool Frénésie', deleted by now. Here's your chance to hear it !


The best parts of the April 21th, 2000 OUI FM acoustic performance (RealAudio).
Toi & Moi & Elle
Le Petit Train


A b&w photo from 1988.


New index page with a photo shot during an awesome performance at Victoires de la Musique, while playing "La Sorcière et L'Inquisiteur". Thanks to Vincent & Cristal Concept for screen capture.

La Sorcière et L'Inquisiteur in RealAudio, recorded at Trabendo for a Black Session (France Inter) on April 10th, 2000.


A new RealAudio file : Le Juste Prix


A new RealAudio file : All Tomorrow's Parties

This Velvet underground cover, first sung by Nico, was recorded for Velvet tribute album back in 1985. Here are the lyrics :

  "And what costume shall the poor girl wear
To all tomorrow's parties
A hand-me-down dress from who knows where
To all tomorrow's parties

And where will she go and what shall she do
When midnight comes around
She'll turn once more to Sunday's clown
And cry behind the door

And what costume shall the poor girl wear
To all tomorrow's parties
Why silks and linens of yesterday's gown
To all tomorrow's parties

And what will she do with Thursday's rags
When Monday comes around
She'll turn once more to Sunday's clown
And cry behind the door

And what costume shall the poor girl wear
To all tomorrow's parties
For Thursday's child is Sunday's clown
For whom none will go morning

A blackened shroud, a hand-me-down gown
Of rags and silks, a costume
Fit for one who sits and cries
For all tomorrow's parties"

(Lou Reed) Three Prong Music Inc.


A new RealAudio file : Peut-être Ce Soir


A new RealAudio file : Rendez-Vous


A mega rare item found today !

> a promo CD of the 1993 Actuel/Nova sampler.


2 tracks taken from the acoustic session at Oui FM on April 21th, 2000 :
- Toi & Moi & Elle (RealAudio)
- Alors C'est Quoi (RealAudio)


A new article from April 2000 with a b&w photo.


A 1994 color photo from a local newspaper.


A 1983 b&w photo taken at Le Havre.


Catherine at Cabaret Sauvage on may 22th 1999, with Larbi Dida from 'Orchestre National de Barbès'


Catherine while playing on "la Dame Pipi" in july 1999. Thanks to Jacques Richard for the photo.


1987 : Fred on a Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion show.


A photo shot at La Cigale, december 1990.


A color photo from the 86-87 area.


A 1990 photo :
Catherine singing "Le Petit Train" at Téléthon.


Another part of the biography (1996-1999) is online.


Another part of the biography (1993-1996) is online.


A photo from the autumn 1990 session made by Youri Lenquette.


Another part of the biography (1990-1992) is online.


I've seen that face before... ;-)


A 1985 b&w photo has been added.


An 1986 article from The Face, with a photo.


1 + 1 mega rare photos from 1989.


Photo taken at the Tunnel in New-York, early 1988


Photo taken on april 16th, 1987 in Aix-en-Provence


Catherine and Fred et Oscars de la Mode in 1985 ; they sung "Marcia Baïla".


A 1986 photo published in Actuel magazine.


An exclusive photo taken backstage on a TV show (La Chance aux Chansons, 1989.)


Four black & white photos from a 1990 performance at the Bus Palladium club in Paris.


A rare 1984 photo, taken from a Actuel issue.


A rare photo, origin unknown...


A new article with several photos :
Keyboards novembre 88 (french press section)


A new article : Rock & Folk septembre 86
(french press section)


A new article with 2 photos :
Guitare & Claviers october 90 (french press section)


A new article with photo : BEST january 88
(french press section)


A new link in the Discographie section :
CD & LP, a good place to find collectors.


A new collector : Rock & Folk Radio Show N°13
This promo CD was sent to radios for the march 2000 Rock & Folk magazine issue promotion ; we can hear journalist Philippe Manoeuvre talking about Cool Frénésie genesis, and as a preview track Toi & Moi & Elle.
The verso is misprinted. One can read Alors C'est Quoi, but it's Toi & Moi & Elle included indeed.


A new article with photos : BEST october 86
(french press section)


The great "Fiesta des Suds" show is still online !
> 56k modem connection (RealVideo) <
> High speed connection (RealVideo) <


Happy new year to everyone !

Here's the recap of all the multimedia files still available on the internet :
- JT 13h TF1 march 5th 2000
- Interview and jam at Radio NOVA
- Flash on M6 Music
- Footage on "+ vite que la musique" - M6
- interview for Alapage
- MA GUEULE, duet with Johnny Hallyday
- Catherine waving (go to 1'15")
- JT 20h TF1 august 8th 2000
- Interview in Bruxelles september 24th 2000
- Folies Bergère show on december 4th 2000 :
Femme de Moyen Age
Modern Baleine
Le Petit Train


Christmas gift...

Here's the legendary Rita Mitsouko appearance in the "Télécommando" TV show produced by Stéphane Teichner and broadcasted on 12/27/1986 on Antenne 2 channel, with a rendition of Charles Aznavour's classic "Tu T'laisses Aller" ! Quicktime 56k ou Cable/ADSL . Thanks to Eric & Vincent from Cristal Concept for the numerisation work.


Now in the "Onstage" section, the summary of the 65 - sold out - Y2K shows.


A new article in the french press : Sans Nom (1990), with 2 new photos


A new article in the french press : L'image Video


Impressions de Bombay by Catherine Ringer :
A new article in the french Presse, with 3 photos taken from this Glamour issue.


A bit more of the Folies Bergère show :
... Le Petit Train !


... the Folies Bergère show in RealAudio !
Femme de Moyen Age
Modern Baleine


5 more magazine covers in the french press section.


Here's the "Femme de Moyen-Age" promo CDS that's just been sent to radio stations.

The version on this promo is a 3'27 edit.

Thanks to Uncle O for this great design...


The contest winners are :

Diego Axel Lazcano (Argentina)
Catherine Mathieu (Canada)
Vrinda Barker (U.K.)
Sébastien Schram (U.K.)
Gilles Leveque (France)
Vincent Simon (Australia)
Nelun Ånestad (Norway)
Daniela Ficano (Italy)
Laurent Vanderbecque (Belgium)
Tim Provenzano (U.S.A.)


The rarities section has just been updated.


7 new photos from 1982. They were published in the now rare #1 issue of GLORIA magazine, which article is now online. The cover of this free magazine will be soon online. Thanks to Christian Eudeline.


Win 10 promo CD of the next single !

Question is : What song will be the next single ?

Just send the right answer and your adress here.


The magazine covers on the french press section can now be seen in normal size.


10 tickets to be win for the Schiltigheim concert (near Strasbourg) on december 2nd.


A new belgium article in the French press section. Thanks to Laurent Vanderbecque.


The lucky winners of the "Alors C'est Quoi / Allo !" promo CDS are :

C.Guéret (France)
Frédéric Barthes (France)
Ladram Mabrouk (France)
Rémy Leredde (France)
Frederic Ballester (France)
Camille Bordes (France)
Bertrand Wolff (France)
Nicolas Muczynski (France)
Isabelle Paquette (Canada)
Manon Fatter (Canada)

The answer is : Emmaüs Mouvement

The lucky winners of the "Alors C'est Quoi / Allo !"
3 tracks CDS are :

Marc Gautier (France)
Nadine Herbelin (France)
Bernard Trosselly (France)
Franck Masson (France)
Jean-Luc Bonaventure (France)
Stéphanie Leclerc (Canada)
John Ashworth (U.K.)
Garrie Severn (U.K.)
Antony Rathbone (U.K.)
Orson Panetti (U.S.A.)

The answer is : La Cité de la Musique, 1997.


6 tickets to be win for the Nancy (12/8), Lille (12/13) and Maubeuge (12/14) concerts.


CDS to be win !

To win 10 Alors C'est Quoi / Allo ! promo CDS, send a mail with your adress and the right answer : In which album can be found "Le Juste Prix" ?

Win 10 Alors C'est Quoi / Allo ! 3 tracks CDS ! This is a true collector, as his june release was cancelled, and it includes a club version of Allo !

Take a chance sending a mail with your adress and the right answer : When Les Rita performed "Le Juste Prix" live for the first time ?


The 11'50" interview recorded by Michael Leahy (Netbeat) in Bruxelles on 9/24 is now available in very good RealAudio quality.


A new item in the rarities section :
The scarce 1987 UK PAL promo VHS, included the rare english video of "Andy", never commercially released, only broadcasted once on TV.


7 new photos from "Francofolies de Spa".


A new article in the French press section


A new english article in the Press section


The Ricky Martin "Private Emotion" french CD single features "Marcia Baïla", already included in "Vuelve".


The legendary book"Les Rita Mitsouko illustrés" is now on sale at Amazon.fr, after ten years of unavailability !


The poll is now working !


POLL : What do you think should be the next singles taken from "Cool Frénésie"?


A canadian article has been added to the french press section. For a direct access, click here.


On line : The legendary and mega-rare "alcooloscopie" of Hara-Kiri (L1845 - end 1986) !


No updates until august 15th... ;-)


10 new photos from "Francofolies de Spa".


A new rare item in the discography :
The "Y'a d'la Haine" french cassette single !


The seventh part of the english biography is online


The sixth part of the english biography is online


A photo from the Eurockéennes performance in the 2000 section.


9 brand new photos in the 2000 area !
A special thanks to Youri Lenquette and Françoise


The fifth part of the english biography is online


1 color photo added in the 86-87 area.
To a direct access to the photo, click here.


1 color photo added in the 88-90 area.


7 new color photos from the 91-95 area.


The fourth part of the english biography is online.


The third part of the english biography is online.


The second part of the english biography is online.


The first part of the english biography is online.


A color photo is added to the 88-90 area.
To a direct access to the photo, click here.


A color photo is added to the 91-95 area.
To a direct access to the photo, click here.


A color photo is added to the 79-85 area.
To a direct access to the photo, click here.


A color photo is added to the 91-95 area.
To a direct access to the photo, click here.


A b&w photo is added to the 91-95 area.
To a direct access to the photo, click here.


A b&w photo is added to the 86-87 area .
To a direct access to the photo, click here.


The lucky winners of the "Cool Frénésie" VHS are :

Vincent Simon (Australia)
David Simard (Canada)
Patrik Wallberg (Sweden)
Jérôme Delavenne (France)
Emmanuel Berry (France)
Alice Lara (France)
Frederic Ballester (France)
Laurent Vanderbecque (Belgium)
Paul Blower (U.K.)
Robert Gaulke (U.S.A.)

The answer was "Pense A Ta Carrière".


A new photo in the 88-90 area


Five stills from the making off "Cool Frénésie" video, thanks to Seb Caudron.


Another section in the biography (in french) is online


Contest : Ten promo Pal VHS of "Cool Frénésie" video to win !

The question is :The "Cool Frénésie" promo album miss a title comparing to the released version. Which song is it ? Send a mail with your adress and the right answer... Good luck !


Three stills from the"Cool Frénésie" clip.
Thanks to Seb Caudron.


Article on the canadian daily Le Devoir (in french).


Les Rita Mitsouko are an excellent live band.

Each concert has something special and unique, but sometimes the performance is absolutely breathtaking. That's what happened at La Cigale a certain march 7th 1997, and also on april 29th and 30th 2000. Thanks to Cat for sharing with us 3 photos from the incredible april 30th concert.


Three new photos in the 91-95 section


Another section in the biography (in french) is online


A new section in the biography (in french) is online


The second part of the biography (in french) is online


A new article (from Switzerland) in the french press.


No updates until april 22th...


A new rare photo in the 79-85 area


I've made a little update on the rarities section. I realised (thanks to Laurent from Belgium) that the "Andy" German 12’’ ( # 608284) has an exclusive version of "Bad Days", with more vocals in the intro...


No more updates for a few days :
A new computer is arriving...


The biographie section is online, but only in french as of yet. This week, the story of Catherine & Fred before they met.


A cult moment : Les Rita Mitsouko singing "Tu t'laisse aller" (Charles Aznavour) on december 27th, 1986 on A2 show "Télécommando".


1 article has been added to the press section :
- NME april 4th 1987
thanks to Per for the transcription


11 color photos have been added to the 79-85 area


14 color photos have been added to the 79-85 area


10 b&w photos have been added to the 79-85 area


2 articles have been added to the french Press :
- Le Monde 6 novembre 1996
- Vigin Sound décembre 1996


16 color photos have been added to the 86-87 area


10 b&w photos have been added to the 91-95 area


"Singing In The Shower" US 12" & UK 7" picture sleeves has been added to the rarities section


10 b&w photos have been added to the 88-90 area


The press section is activated. Have a look !


11 b&w photos have been added to the 86-87 area


5 color photos have been added to the 79-85 area

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