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Catherine Ringer was born on October 18th, 1957 in Suresnes. Her father, Samuel Ringer, a Polish who became a French citizen in 1980, was a talented painter who survived the concentration camps of the Second World War. Her mother, Jeanine, was a student of architecture.

The young Catherine enjoyed singing, playing the flute, and composing poetry. She was a child model, appearing frequently in catalogues and fashion magazines. Her early tastes in music included George Brassens, Maria Callas, and the Velvet Underground.

When she was 11 years old, she appeared in Marianne Oswald's "Les Deux Coquines". At school she was decidedly non-conformist, albeit a top student, and left Le College Honore de Balzac at fifteen to start her artistic career in earnest. Her formidable talents as an actress, singer, and dancer were never more in evidence as in her late teens when she would frequently win out at casting calls and auditions. She obsessively pushed the limits of herself and her art, unleashing a spirit overflowing with vitality, sensuality and charisma. Catherine's first theatrical forays were with Michael Lonsdale's Theatre de Recherche Musicale. Lonsdale recalls the young Ringer: "She was cast as a singer in a production of Pierre Bourgeade's piece, 'Fragments Pour Le Che'. She invested incredible energy into her work-- she was dedicated, fantastic, hard-working; she possessed an incredible facility for singing and acting."

Shortly thereafter, Catherine encountered the Argentinean dancer and choreographer Marcia Moretto, who became her instructor. "She influenced me profoundly," recalls Catherine, "She blended dance genres with an incredible personal charisma…She danced with her face." Catherine and Marcia would dance together at the Café de la Gare in 1976 and at Théâtre Le Palace in 1977 in a production of Armando Llamas' "Silences Nocturnes Aux Iles Des Fees".

In this same period, you could see Catherine in several Brecht productions, in a musical play by Iannis Xenakis' "N'SHIMA", and in an african ballet; "I learned all the dances; they liked my style, but I was not black so I had to stay in the wings and do the choruses."

You could also hear Catherine voice in several cartoons on FR3, and Jean Hurtado's animated "Les Boulugres" (Finished in 1984, featuring the voices of Michael Lonsdale and Daniel Berlioux, the film was finally seen in 1996.). Catherine also appeared in "Le Temps Des YeYes", a made for television movie shown on TF1 on January 16th, 1980.

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