Cool Frénésie

Youri Lenquette


"Cool Frenesie" was released on march 7th, 2000, and received great reviews. It really was a triumphant return for Catherine & Fred, who can be seen frequently on TV promoting the title track. The video for the title track/first single was done by Sebastien Caudron.

Jean Neplin sings on a Rita Mitsouko album for the first time, with Catherine on "Dis-Moi Des Mots". Cool Frenesie was produced by Catherine, Fred and Marco, Iso, Doctor L and Jean-Michel Toulon ; with some songs co-written by Youth ("Alors C'est Quoi", "Jam") of Killing Joke, and subsequent electronica/trip-hop fame.

Before the album release, les Rita started a national tour on February 20th. While performing at Clermont-Ferrand (Broacast on the internet), they played a rendition of "Nicotine" (composed by Serge Gainsbourg, and originally sung by Jane Birkin). They can be heard on a "Black Session" at France Inter radio on April 10th, then on Europe 2 radio on October 1th for another exlusive show. Both performances were recorded at Trabendo, a new parisian concert hall les Rita unveiled on march 4th for their first parisian show of 2001 ; Les Rita also performed 7 nights at Cigale in April and 2 nights at Folies Bergère in December, while also touring in Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

A book "Les Rita Mitsouko, c'est (toujours) comme ça" by Jean William Thoury is released.

In May, "Alors C'est Quoi / Allo" is sent to radios. A 12" is sent to the clubs with a remix. A commercial CDS is made as well, with three tracks : "Alors C'est Quoi" (album version) / "Allo ! "(album version) / "Allo ! " (club version). But not comercially released. It remains very valuable."Alors C'est Quoi" video offers a new version of the song, with a few differences.

On June 10th, les Rita performed "Ma Gueule" during a Johnny hallyday concert under the Eiffel tower. This historic event was released on CD, VHS and DVD.

A limited edition of "Cool Frenesie" includes two unreleased tracks : "L'Oiseau Chante" (made with Howie B) and "Eleganto".

Summer Festivals gave a new audience the opportunity to to discover a great live band "As diverse as inspired, les Rita deliver a set with a rare intensity, leaving most of pop groups far behind" (Rock & Folk, september 2000) .

A second limited edition of "Cool Frenesie" is released in November with "Cool Frenesie" and "Alors C'est Quoi" videos on a CD-Rom, while "Femme De Moyen-Age" (edit) is sent to radios ; a collector item, as this single remains commercially unreleased.

A tribute Gainsbourg album, Pop Sessions, is released in March 2001. Les Rita cover "L'Hippopodame", a Serge Gainsbourg song.

Around this time, they play "La Sorcière et l'inquisiteur" at Victoires de la Musique (french awards). They win the Prix Roger Seiller of french group (SACEM - french ASCAP).

"Le Paradis Bleu Des Coeurs Couronnés", Jean Néplin's second album, is released on October 2nd. Produced by Les Rita Mitsouko, it features many contribution from the duo, including Cathering on backing vocals and even lead vocals at the begining of "Victor".October 23rd sees the release of "Reines d'un jour" O.S.T. , with Catherine offering a rendition of a Georges Brassens classic, "Le Vent".

The "Bestov", the first Rita Mitsouko compilation in a 20 years carrier, is released on november 6th ; Every Rita smash can be found here, as well as a rare B-side : "Clown De Mes Malheurs". A limited box is also released with all 11 clips on DVD.