The discography is divided in 4 parts :


Albums have red letters, singles have black letters

All references are on Virgin France (Delabel/Virgin from 1993 to 2001), except where indicated.

Only the french discography is exhaustive ; the rarities sections is far from complete, especially the japanese and australian discography, which is very hard to find. Let alone the peruvian discography...

If you have any correction or addition to the discography, your contribution is more than welcomed !

To start a RITA MITSOUKO collection is a fascinating hobby,
because there's always a rarity surfacing from nowhere.

Here a few links where you can find some good stuff :
vinyl vendors
best prices on the net for U.S. pressings

a lot of rarities, you can choose the best prices from different stores

a good place for french pressings, affordable prices. French site, but also in english

black & white music
very good place for rarities, only in french so far

a webring of record dealers

more music
the most complete place for records from all over the world

The most famous auction site

another french auction site ; only french language as of yet

Yahoo Japan
Interesting, but most dealers only ship in Japan... ;-(

CD and LP
a site specialized in collectors ; french, english and spanish languages


great choice of CD, magazines...

 record fairs
the upcoming european record fairs ; available on english & spanish languages



Thanks to all the record dealers that ruined me ;-)

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