Frederic Chichin was born on May 1st, 1954 in Clichy. Son of Madeline and Jean-Louis Chichin, his heritage is Italian, french and scandinavian.

Employed as a manager of public work projects, his father published a film magazine, "Miroir du Cinema" that allowed Fred to experience the torrent of French New Wave film from a somewhat enviable perch. But the young Fred's tastes in films was for old fashioned Hollywood Westerns. More to the point, Fred was more passionate about music, in particular that of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones…

At 14 he started learning guitar and drums when he discovered Jimi Hendrix. At 16, he left school and Aubervillers for the adventure of the road and the life of a musician. The Seventies was the era of squatting, as Fred did in Amsterdam, Morocco, and London. To earn some bread, Fred worked a variety of odd jobs, including postal worker, leafletter, marionettes assistant, cinema soundman, stagehand at L'Opera, and recording studio assistant.

Fred settled in Paris where he learned contemporary electro-acoustic music with Nicolas Frize for a short period, then formed a rock band with Jean Neplin : Fassbinder. Fred had blonde hair and wore red plastic pants. He participated in the birth of Taxi Girl - whose singer Daniel Darc was the president of the Jean Neplin fan club - , with whom he composed "Avenue Du Crime" for their album, "Seppuku". Fred parted ways temporarily with Neplin to follow Alain Kan in the band Gazoline. They played the Gibus from the 18th to 22nd of April 1978 with Fred on bass and his brother Hugues on drums. After Gazoline evaporated, Fred continued to compose non-stop….