Jean Néplin is no stranger for RITA MITSOUKO fans.

Mythical singer from the punk/rock parisian scene, Jean Néplin formed FASSBINDER with Fred Chichin in 1976.
They wrote loads of songs, some of them eventually appeared
on RITA MITSOUKO albums:
"Le Futur N°4", "Tonite", "Perfect Eyes", "La Belle Vie".
We also can hear "Elle Demande Quelqu'un" in the Jean-Luc Godard movie "Keep Your Right Up", and "Avenue Du Crime" on TAXI GIRL's "Sepuku" album .

In 1981, after FASSBINDER's split, Jean Néplin created with Claude Arto ELECTROMENAGEX, then released a LP  : "Happening", produced by Claude Arto, under the name of "Jean Néplin  & INDIVIDUAL STATE", on Celluloid (6600), included "Resurrected Humans", co-written with Fred Chichin. A - now cult - video was shot, where Catherine & Fred can be seen. The team used to play often at the GIBUS club, between 1980 and 1982.

the mega-rare 1981 debut LP

A single "Un Homme Dangereux", produced by Mirwais, was released in 1983 on Mankin/Virgin (105136), then 16 years of silence...

recto & verso of the 1983 single "Un Homme Dangereux"
... until Y2K !

Jean Néplin wrote and sung with Catherine "Dis-Moi Des Mots", on the Rita Mitsouko album "Cool Frénésie", and he also appaered at the Cigale in april 2000 during th Rita Mitsouko shows.

20 years after "Happening", he is produced by Catherine & Fred...

Released on october 2nd 2001, Le Paradis Bleu Des Coeurs Couronnés is a great album, also featuring Jacno and rap artists Interactif Crew.

He plays at New Morning on November 1st, and at Nouveau Casino on December 16th , featuring Arthur H, Miossec, Jad Wio (he covers "Fleur de Métal"), Jil Caplan, H'Amarco.

February 2003. Jean Néplin passed away on Valentine's day.

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