Q magazine early 1989

Les Rita Mitsouko

Marc And Robert

Side one track one Hip Kit rides the most brazen Led Zeppelin riff-and-kick-drum steal I've heard in a long time and features a frazzled rockabilly solo just like Jimmy Page would have done it. Yet this is no Heavy Metal homage. The next track (Smog) echoes the user-friendly swamp shuffle purveyed by the likes of Stealer's Wheel in those same early '70s - but it's not rootsy. Elsewhere one notes a cool phantasmagoria reminiscent of Can, even chirrupy mock-art-rock as purveyed by The Sadistic Mika Band in those pre-punk dark ages. Are we twigging the imminent revival of the platform shoe? French husband and wife Fred Chichin and Catherine Ringer are Les Rita Mitsouko, a duo in the advanced stages of camp-so sophisticatedly camp, in fact, that I would suggest that they can be thoroughly enjoyed without one even being aware of the jests going on here. Such attention to the detail of a long-mothballed wardrobe of pop styles makes for a great costume party record, and if one can endure the duo's falsetto warblings centre-stage, this album (which succeeds 1987's debut, The No Comprendo) is almost as amusing as The B52s' wiggy portfolio. If not, though, the fact that Ron and Russell Mael of Sparks (obviously Les Rita Mitsouko's gurus) help out on a track or two will be no further incentive. me, however, like.

Q Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed By: Mat Snow