THE FACE N° 75 - july 1986

Rita Mitsouko are one of the few authentic rock groups in France. A duo who never attend fashionable parties, they have been together since their teens and play almost all the instruments on their records. They recorded their new album in London with producer Tony Visconti. Jean-Luc Godard filmed the sessions for a documentary. Mitsouko is the name of a perfume. Rita is the name of a girl. They are the French Eurythmics. Their names are Fred and Catherine. They have a young daughter, Ginger.

"The important thing for us is to be able to work at home in Paris on our eight-track. We were both born in Paris and we couldn't work anywhere else because all our friends and family are there. Working in London for us didn't have any particular importance. We sent our tapes to Tony Visconti who said yes straightaway. It's our music that is there, our moods and our presence, the things we've had in our heads for years. He sort af polished the rough edges. The next time we'll probably go to Italy, to benefit from the warm climate."