Re (mixes)


Catherine and Fred are quite happy with their new 24 track home studio, and Fred spends his time searching for new sounds, metamorphosing into "FAT FREDDY", his remix alias. The idea for a dj album of remixes is born with Fred remixing "LE PETIT TRAIN", "NUIT D'IVRESSE", "ANDY", and "JALOUSIE" (with DEE NASTY). Tony VISCONTI remixes "MARCIA BAILA" and "DON'T FORGET THE NITE" (Rerecorded from scratch). Also included on the record are "C'EST COMME CA", "ANDY" ("Bassapella" version by Jesse JOHNSON), and the William ORBIT remixes of "SINGING IN THE SHOWER", "TONGUE DANCE", and "HIP KIT".

The album appears in mid October of 90, with a video directed by Hiroyuki NAKANO accompanying the new "HIP KIT" single.

For the occasion Les RITA reside at La Cigale for a month of concerts in December, but are so successful they play through the end of January 91. The concept is new: The stage becomes a recording studio and the sound is excellent; the engineer monitors the sound from the stage.

They experiment with some new songs, several of which remain unreleased: "DELIT DE SALE GUEULE" (An unclassifiable song with a monster rhythm track), "DO ZE DO" (A harsh funk), "MENTAL GHETTO" (Deep funk, influenced by Jesse JOHNSON of "SHOCKADELICA"), and "LES AMANTS". On hearing this last song, Leo CARAX asks Les RITA to compose music for his next film, "Les Amants Du Pont Neuf". In the end, only a demo version of "LES AMANTS" appears in the film. A proper version of the song will appear in 1994 as a single from "SYSTEME D".