(Ringer / Coba)


We'll see each other again some day or another
Without fail we must make sure we make an appointment
Another intersidereal life
At the other end of the earth

We already met before the time
To be born chimed and we became the people we are
We knew each other, we recognised each other
Just like in the past we loved each other

It's on some future street
That our eyes will meet
We shall be full of emotion
As each one gasps in recognition
Whether we're animal, gas or mineral
We'll feel that it's us
Nothing but a little bit of us

Maybe we'll meet each other again one day,
After having lived out our existance
In this intersidereal kitchen in outer space
Another age of the universe

Maybe we never left each other
Maybe even scattered amongst star dust
An attraction, two objects flying towards each other
Collisions at our meetings

We'll be awakened
Attracted towards one another
Even the wind will be us
We'll be everywhere
As animal, liquid or vegetable
We'll just be two molecules

Maybe one day we'll find each other
After being sidetracked by living
Intersidereal kitchen in outer space
Another age of the universe


rough translation of lyrics by Dereck. Thank you Dereck.

  editions : Six Sarl

available on COBA's album CONSCIOUS POSI

ref : TOCT 10221