An incredible amount of songs has been featured in various films, but as most of them are songs already available on Rita Mitsouko albums, only a few of them have been released on CD, though some versions differ from released versions, such as Godfather of Soul in Ma Vie Est Un Enfer movie. Maybe in the future there will be a special sections for those films.

Please note that numerous O.S.T. can be find in the Collaborations section, because only Catherine is involved on soundtracks such as Tatie Danielle, Les Trois Frères, Sinon oui, Un Grand Cri D'Amour...

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Elle Demande Quelqu'un (unreleased)
Une Fille A Colorier (unreleased)
C'est Comme Ca
Un Soir, Un Chien
Les Histoires d'A
SECAM VHS, NTSC VHS, NTSC VHS, NTSC DVD of Jean-Luc Godard's film "Soigne Ta Droite" a.k.a. "Keep Your Right Up " includes portions of songs, in the making of the No Comprendo

A japanese NTSC Laserdisc is also rumored to exist

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Tongue Dance
on Slaves Of New-York O.S.T. CD CDV 2597

Singing In The Shower
on Black Rain O.S.T. CD CDV 2607

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Godfather of Soul + instrumental music + vocalises
on Ma Vie Est Un Enfer DVD TF1 video

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Chanson d'A
on Marie-Louise ou la permission O.S.T. CD Sony 480741

YA DLa Haine & Modern Baleine
on Pigalle O.S.T. CD 8404022

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on Les Voleurs O.S.T. CD 8422202

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Dont Forget The Nite
on Ceux Qui m'Aiment Prendront Le Train O.S.T. CD BARCLAY 5650812

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Marcia Baïla
covered by Stéphane Audran, Catherine Deneuve, Danièle Lebrun, Line Renaud
on Belle Maman O.S.T. CD BMG  74321663012

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Marcia Baïla
on Le Pornographe O.S.T. CD Haut et court (promo only)

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Les Amants
on Peau d'Ange O.S.T. CD Delabel  54224324

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C'est Comme Ca
on Pedale Dure O.S.T. CD EMI  724386389725

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Marcia Baïla
on La Tête de Maman O.S.T. CD Capitol 


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