Système D


For their new album, Catherine and Fred move their studio to a large Moroccan house situated in Essaouira (Formerly Mogador). Tony VISCONTI is present for some of the recording, but Catherine and Fred are looking for a different sound.It's finally Carmen RIZZO, an American met in New York who mixes the album in Paris.

"SYSTEME D" is released November 16th, 1993.

"GODFATHER OF SOUL" is a song known by all the fans as a demo version is heard in the Josiane BALASKO film "Ma Vie Est Un Enfer" (All the music in the film is composed by Catherine and Fred.). "LA STEPPE" is a new version of "DANS LA STEPPE", the b-side of "RESTEZ AVEC MOI". "L'HOTEL PARTICULIER" is a cover of the GAINSBOURG tune, a longer version of which can be found on the maxi CD of "FEMME D'AFFAIRES". Iggy POP sings for the first time in french on "MY LOVE IS BAD".

"Y'A D'LA HAINE", the first single, quickly becomes a classic. It is brilliantly remixed by William ORBIT, and the clip, by Sebastien CHANTEREL is crowned, "Clip of the Year" by MTV Europe.

"LES AMANTS" is chosen as the second single, with a clip directed by Jean-Baptiste MONDINO.

A tour of Parisian suburbs is preceded by 4 dates at Olympia and one at the Palais des Sports. A tour of the rest of the country then follows, then the band goes to Spain, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia...

Catherine and Fred guest on numerous television shows and jam with IAM, KHALED, FFF ("ZORRO"), and Cesaria EVORA("SAUDADE").

At the same time, Xavier COTON opens an exhibition of superb portraits of Catherine and Fred.

At the Japanese Spring festival, Halou, in Tokyo, Catherine and Fred meet the accordionist COBA, with whom they record "PEUT-ETRE CE SOIR" for the album, "Roots", that is released in 1995 in Japan. Les Rita start a second French tour in the Summer of 1995.

October 1995 see the release of the long awaited "8 Clips et 2 Films" VHS.

In the same year, Catherine is the guest of accordion player Richard GALLIANO at the Cite de la Musique in Paris. Catherine sings songs of Charles TRENET, Mick JAGGER, and Leo FERRE. On other occasions, she will sing some of PIAF's songs, including "MON DIEU", "PADAM PADAM" and "L'ACCORDEONISTE".

The "SYSTEME D" tour will end at summer 1996.