Taking off

Claude Gassian


In early 1985, "Marcia Baïla" is chosen as the second single from the "Rita Mitsouko" album (It is given a remix by Dominque Blanc-Francard, but this version remains unreleased in France.).

A clip directed by Philippe Gautier contributes greatly to the popularity of the duo both in and outside of France. In fact, the clip is shown regularly at the Museum of Modern Art in New York; All the brillance of mid-eighties french style is on display in the video, as the costumes are designed by Jean-Paul Gautier and Theirry Mugler….

On the 30th of july, "Marcia Baïla" rises to number 2 on the top 50 : It's a sweet victory for Catherine and Fred, who turn down a large sum of money to license the song as a jingle. After numerous television appearances, they undertake a quick nationwide club tour. They cover "More Money" by Prince Charles, remaking it as a funky, quirky, blues song. They open for The Smiths, and Kid Creole and the Coconuts in France, and went to Japan that June where the recent release of the album and single cause quite a stir in the local press.

"All Tommorrow's Parties" is recorded at Studio Garage for the Virgin Velvet Underground tribute album, "Les Enfants Du Velvet". At the end of the year, they play the States, notably The Ritz in New York City.


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