The early recordings

Pierre Terrasson


At the start of 1982, Les Rita Mitsouko sign to Virgin Records. By this time, they have already recorded many songs on their four-track. Fred's engineering skills give these recordings a very accomplished sound.

A single, "Minuit Dansant", is recorded and released as both a 45 and 12 inch. They are perceived as minimalists by the press.

But it's "Don't Forget the Nite", the b-side of the 12-inch that catches the attention of radio programmers. It's re-released as an a-side with a new sleeve and "AIE (Kriptonite Miss Splein)" on the flip that confirms a strong and original identity for the duo. Les Rita Mitsouko play Olympia for the first time on July 1st, 1982, with the festival, "Rock D' Ici". In 1983 they tour France and major European cities.

At the start of 1984 Catherine and Fred leave for Cologne and Conny Plank's studio for the recording of their first album. Several titles were previously recorded at their home studio and just barely reworked: "Jalousie", "Le Futur No.4", "La Fille Venue Du Froid", and "Marcia Baila". The album is released in April to good reviews, with Virgin initally acceding to Catherine and Fred's request to release "Marcia Baila" as the first single, but this idea stops with a test pressing ("Marcia Baila" on the A & "Dans La Steppe" on the B-side.).

It's "Restez Avec Moi" that's chosen as the first single. Catherine and Fred are seen in hilarious costumes on various television appearances as they promote the single.

Rock radio prefers "La Jalousie", as the song is covered by Jean-Louis Aubert in concert, and recorded (Along with "Don't Forget the Nite", by Etienne Daho) on the Virgin covers album, "Diversion".

During the "Semaine Des Jeunes Createurs" organized by "Autrement" magazine, they are presented to Francois Mitterand during a concert at the Musee Des Arts Decoratifs on October 2nd, 1984. Following two concerts at the Theatre du Forum, the group tours France accompanied by four musicians. At the end of 1984, Actuel magazine sponsors a concert at the Casino de Paris where they play with other musicians. A concert will be held at the Palais Des Congres…